Bath bomb

(mini Bath Bombs) SIZE 40 g. For hand and foot bath

Have you ever had a refreshing bath using a bath bomb? It can be quite the relaxing experience, especially if your bath bomb has a nice fragrance or includes some bath salts. Have you ever wondered what causes a bath bomb to become so fizzy when it touches the water in the bathtub? It is due to a chemical reaction taking place between different ingredients within the bath bomb and explore how changing the amounts of the different ingredients affects how fizzy the bath bombs end up being when you toss them in the bath. You can use your perfected method to create some super satisfying bath bombs!
To relax the senses after a long day. And as someone who has made an art form out of the soak, I’ve usually got unlimited quantities of bath bombs, crystals, masks and more. Often your skin. Rinse bath tub well after use
HOW TO USE :Drop a Bath Bomb in warm bath water or in Jacuzzi, Footbath. and watch as it fizzes, completely dissolves in water (3 to 5 minutes pending on size) releasing essential oils that make you smell amazing , along with fragrance and color. Safe for all ages and are able to be used in hot tubs and released in your bath to help calm your spirits and soothe your skin.

Remarks :
Keep “TUMNAN BATH BOMBS” below 25 degree in dry place and avoid sunlight. Save for 6 months.

bath bomb
bath bomb
70 TH฿ each40 g. eachDrop in warm water for aromatherapy Hand & Foot Bath. Multivitamin promotes healthy skin.Contact to Order
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